Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018
Category: Federal Trade Commission

Amazon is working with the FTC’s fraud investigation against Sellers Playbook

Amazon said today it is working with the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into consumer fraud allegedly committed by Sellers Playbook, a Minnesota-based business that claimed to help Amazon sellers make more money. FTC and the state of Minnesota announced today that they have charged Sellers Playbook and its owner Jessie Tieva and CEO Matthew Tieva, […]

The FBI, FTC and SEC are joining the Justice Department’s inquiries into Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica disclosures

An alphabet soup of federal agencies are now poring over Facebook’s disclosures and the company’s statements about its response to the improper use of its user information by the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Trade Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission have joined the Justice Department in examining […]

Facebook and the perils of a personalized choice architecture

Yafit Lev-Aretz Contributor Share on Twitter Yafit Lev-Aretz is a Research Fellow at the Information Law Institute, New York University Law School. More posts by this contributor Free choice must be free If it talks like a government and acts like a government, it must be a tech giant The recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica chaos has […]

Facebook data scandal also affects 2.7M EU citizens

Another data-point to flesh out the Facebook data misuse scandal: The company has informed the European Commission that a total of 2.7 million EU citizens had their information improperly shared with the controversial political consultancy, Cambridge Analytica (via Reuters). Facebook had already revealed a breakdown of the top ten markets of affected users. But in […]