Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018
Category: drive.ai

Drive.ai’s self-driving vehicle service is now live in Texas

The bedroom community of Frisco, Texas might seem like an unusual place to find a self-driving vehicle. But here in this city of nearly 175,000 people, there are seven. And as of Monday, they’re available for the public to use within a specific sector of the city that has a concentration of retail, entertainment venues […]

Watch a truly driverless car navigate city streets

Drive.ai, the company that’s gearing up to launch an autonomous ride-hailing pilot in Frisco, Texas, just released a video showing off its driverless capabilities. Drive.ai’s service will initially launch with safety drivers in July, but the goal is to ultimately operate the ride-hailing platform without a driver behind the wheel. In the video below, you […]

Drive.ai is launching an autonomous ride-hailing network in Texas

Drive.ai, the self-driving car startup with roots in Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, has partnered with Frisco, Texas and the Hall Group to deploy the first autonomous ride-hailing platform in the state of Texas. Initially, the platform will be available to more than 10,000 members of Hall Group’s commercial and residential communities. Through the service, people will […]